Hat Contest

“A Day at the Races... See More” (hat competition)

As the Ascot in Great Britain and the Kentucky Derby here in the United States, is always the first big social event of the spring season, CC 29 also celebrates spring by hosting the “A Day at the Races” competition. So start working on your best chapeaus, we be giving out awards for the best ladies hat, best men’s Topper, best recreation from “My Fair Lady”, and most outrageous.
Rae Bradbery Enslin is the coordinator of this competition. The info should be going on the web site soon ( I hope)

CC29 Doll Contest

I've recently heard a complaint that the doll 'exhibit' was small and not
organized in a theme.

Well, as next year's contest coordinator, I cannot and will not insist on themed
enties, but it is in your hands, you that may attend Costume-Con.
Dress a doll, or a teddy bear, or an AlienTM figure--make & clothe some
creature--modify a commercial doll until it cannot be recognized!

If you did not costume or make and costume a doll or figure, You are the reason
the contest was small.

It's just a "little" request, just a "little" costume.

Ann Catelli
Doll Costume Contest Coordinator
CC 28 & CC 29

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Hi Everyone,
Sandy Swank was very successful with attending Wizard World / Comic Con at the Philadelphia Convention Center over the weekend.
He handed out over 300 business cards and ribbons.  Also all of the flyers were handed out between the convention and the steam punk party on Saturday evening.
I am hoping that we get many new faces and members.  I know that the NJ Jedi group has already contacted me.

CC29 - NJ

Hello everyone,
Lots of things are happening since we are less then one year away.  Many reports have circulated about cc28 and i am grateful for that information.
So here is the cast list for cc29:
Dora Buck Chair ( or as the T-shirt states "The Buck stops here") 
Sandy Swank - Vice Chair - (Passing the buck)
Carl Mami - Treasurer - (Daddy Warbucks)
SF&F Masq - Pierre & Sandy Pettinger
Historical Masq - Bryon Connell
FFF - Karen Dick
Single Pattern - Catherine Leeson
FF & Single Pattern show - Jill Eastlake
Hall Costumes - Henry Osier
Doll Competition - Ann Catelli
Hat Competition - Rae Bradbury-Enslin
Video masq - Kevin & Andy
Green Room - Marcy Huston
Dealers Room - Devra Langsam (Poison Pen Press)
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CC28 Photo List

It seemed like everyone had their camera out this last weekend, but nobody got pictues of themselves. So I thought a somewhat comprehensive list of photo links might be in order. So, if you have posted your con photos publicly and would like to share them with the class, please comment with a link.
Jungleboy Transparent

Costume-Con 28 Video Masquerade Film Festival

Thanks to a sudden revival of interest, we are working to have a Video Masquerade at Costume-Con 28 (Milwaukee, May 7-9, 2010) after all. Because we are working in such a compressed time frame, we’ve decided to simplify things a bit and run it as a short costume film festival.

What we are looking for

  1. Short films/videos featuring you or your friends in costumes! (This is, after all, a Video Masquerade). Costumes of any genre are appropriate, including costumed puppets and dolls.
  2. Submissions must be appropriate for a mixed (mostly adult, but some youngsters) audience. As with Costume-Con stage masquerades, aim for the equivalent of a PG-13 rating.
  3. Submissions should be short, typically no longer than 6 minutes.
    We will happily consider longer videos, but please, no epic feature-length films.
  4. All videos will be reviewed for qualification before inclusion in the Video Masquerade. (Submission of a video does not guarantee inclusion)

Who May Enter

  1. Anyone may submit videos to be considered for inclusion in the Video Masquerade Film Festival. Membership in Costume-Con 28 is not required. (In the event your video wins an award, however, you would need a membership to accept said award in person at CC28).

How to enter

  1. Notify us of your intention to enter (email  and upload the online version NO LATER than April 15, 2010,
  2. All accepted submissions will be screened for the judging panel, if any, and all attendees of Costume-Con 28. By submitting your video for inclusion, you are granting us the right to multiple such screenings without expectation of remuneration or other consideration.
  3. All videos must be submitted digitally.
    1. By April 15: upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or another online video hosting service. We will be using those uploaded videos for initial review, and as the distribution route for any judging panel. 
      Please set the videos to be shared privately until after the festival.
    2. By April 30:  A high-resolution version must be provided to us to use in the on-site screenings. Details and file format information will be provided to you.
  4. Please provide a cast and credits list for your entry, so that accolades may reach the appropriate parties. Be sure to credit the creators of the costumes!
  5. Please indicate whether you are a film or video professional. If the costumers/cast in your video have competed in stage masquerade contests, please also indicate at what skill level they compete. (This latter part is for information only).

Judging and awards

  1. If we receive more than 5 qualified submissions, we will assemble a judging panel to select awards.  We may also have a ballot for CC28 attendees to select their favorite submission.
  2. Documentation about your entry is not required, but, if you wish to provide it, it will be reviewed by the Judging Panel.
  3. The only skill divisions in the event of judging will be between Amateurs and Professionals. A Professional is someone that works in Film or Television and, therefore, has access to a better quality of editing equipment. Ron Howard and Mike Nesmith would both be considered Professionals.
  4. In the event of formal judging, entries will be judged on several different criteria. These include, but are not limited to, Overall Presentation, Costume Quality, Location/Set Quality and/or Uniqueness, and Technical Merits. The original idea was to do a masquerade entry that can not normally be presented in a hotel situation. Such as a huge quantity of people in the entry, special prop requirements, such as horses, fire effects, or truly unique settings that can not be quickly placed on a stage. As an example of what could be done in a Video Masquerade Entry, check out

Calling all Costumers!

Calling all costume enthusiasts! April 2nd through the 4th, The Great Burlesque Exposition and Vintage Fashion Fair will be taking place at The Hyatt Regency Hotel (575 Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA) and you should join in the fun at our Historic Costume Exhibit, Classes, and Dealer's Room!

This year’s costume exhibit features costumes from the famous burlesque dancer and actress Ann Corio. Born in Connecticut, she is an American burlesque icon. She was a star performer at clubs such as the famous Minsky's Burlesque and Boston's old Howard Theatre.

Between 1941 and 1944 she appeared in several Hollywood "B" motion pictures which featured her in scanty costumes, 1941 "Swamp woman" the best known of which was perhaps 1942's Jungle Siren opposite Buster Crabbe. In 1944 she made "Call of the Jungle" and "Sarong Girl" With the Second World War on, she became one of the volunteer pinup girls for YANK magazine, appearing in the September 3, 1943 issue of the weekly U.S. Army publication.

Corio had a long successful career dancing on stage. In 1965, she put together the Broadway show This Was Burlesque which she directed and in which also performed. In 1968, she wrote a book using that same title.

On display throughout The Vintage Fashion Fair, the Costume Exhibit is included with your admission. Please make sure to take the time to admire this unique collection.
It’s not enough to just look at costumes! We’ve got classes on making, improving, saving, and even buying costumes.
Caring for your Costumes: Burlesque performers are known for their lavish costumes. After spending so much time and money on your costumes, give them the care they deserve. Learn tips and tricks that museum professionals use for cleaning and storing your costumes. If you collect vintage garments, there’s plenty of useful information for you too!
Handsewing 101: A fast and easy Shimmy belt project that demonstrates several techniques and issues involved with hand stitching. Students will leave with a custom Shimmy Belt of their own making, and a better understanding of stitch work and process
Pastie Making and Tassel Twirling: Learn how to make Pasties, those wonderfully sparkly beauties that no burlesque performer can be without. In this class you will learn how to make and decorate them yourself as well as how to make those tassels twirl! The best part comes when you get to leave with your own pair!

The Expo is a great place to show off your favorite creations and learn how to make more. There will also be plenty of vendors to browse through for ready-made costumes and the perfect accessories. Plus, you get the bonus karma of having made Cambridge a better-dressed place, if only for a weekend.

April 2nd-4th 2010
Hyatt Regency Cambridge
575 Memorial Dr.
Cambridge, MA
For tickets and more information, please see our website

Costume-Con 28: Ides of March

Hello, Future Spies!

By now, everyone has received their W-2's and, hopefully, have received a refund. Before you spend it all on more fabric, you can buy a membership to Costume-Con 28 for $70 until March 15th! Just mention that you work for Setec Astronomy.

You can find the membership form at and pay via PayPal to CC2010Milw (at) CS (dot) com.

Feel free to spread the word and visit the website for Vogue Fabrics in Chicago, who are also on Facebook.

Henry W. Osier
Chairman, Costume-Con 28
May 7 to May 10, 2010 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Look for our fan page on Facebook!
And on Twitter: CostumeCon28
Got questions?
Join the CostumeCon Yahoo group!

(posted on Henry's behalf)
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Call for Underwear!

Hi everyone!

I have an unusual request to make of you all. The Medieval Studies club at Binghamton University is putting together an academic conference on the history of underwear from the classical period to 1750. Tied in to this event will be another, a fashion show entitled "Underwear Through The Ages."

We're looking for samples of underwear from the classical period to the present day, including but not limited to Medieval, Renaissance, 18th century, Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian underwear (for both men and women, preferably as historically accurate as possible.) If any of you have pieces you would like to loan to the university for the fashion show (to be held April 24th, 2010) please email me at We would pay for postage both ways and insurance on the garments, and your name would be in the program as the owner/maker. We are looking for all sizes.

If you think you would be interested in helping us out with this, please let me know!

Thank you very much for your time!



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CC28 Folio

(posted on Nora's behalf)

Future Fashion Folio is done!
That is – the layout is done but it will be a week or more until it is printed & mailed, then you must wait for the postal service to deliver it.
So I have a special offer for all CC28 members who would be happy to have an electronic copy NOW to avoid the wait; I can send you a zip... file of the entire Folio.

Please respond to me at “von <underscore> drago <at> yahoo <dot> com” ·
1. include an email at which you can receive a large file·
2.let me know if you are willing to wait until the convention to pick up your hardcopy or if you need it sent to you after they are printed & ready to be mailed