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Hi all
I have been tasked by Diane Kovalcin to help research what external adventures CC 29 attendees would like to do before and after the con, and which days are best.  The con activities will be running Friday through mid-Monday in the official space.  (Mousquerade will happen Monday night too).
Therefore it looks like Thursday and Tuesday are the best days for an adventure.  Note that were the hotel is located that local adventures or emergency costume repair trips might need access to a car.  At the end of April it is (usually) light jacket to warm weather but rain is possible.
On to the formal Tours:
Right now the most costumer logical choices involve trekking into NYC.   To get in, we would take local buses which involve one transfer.  Our best guess is about an hour trip each way, (it is the cheapest way in and out).  The main point is that you will probably want to spend much of the day in the city.   Note that the "Garment District" starts at the Port Authority so going by foot from Bus to Shopping is easy, as is Bus to 42nd street to Times Square but wear comfy walking shoes!  Driving is not recommended except if you park at the Port Authority (maybe $28 to park there).
1) Therefore the First Question is which day(s) would you prefer for an adventure to NYC (or other type adventure):
   a) Thursday
   b) Tuesday
   c) both Thursday and Tuesday
2) The following are potential adventures.  Some could be done as a group and some can be done on your own.  At this time we don't know what will be on display, but we will know well before the con.  Please indicate which ones perk your interest. We can't do them all. Believe us, just shopping can be an all day adventure!:
   a) The Metropolitan Museum of Art (+ Garment District shopping after)
   b) The Fashion Institute of Technology display (+ Garment District shopping after)
   c) Just Garment District shopping (not as a group except maybe going back to the hotel)
   d) Back Stage tour at the Metropolitan Opera (if we can arrange that) + shopping.
   e) A formal NYC tour (you would go with a regular tour group and pay $$ for this).
3) Now this item is for your suggestions of things you might want to do.  It might not be for a big group adventure but at least we can help track down the info for you.  The CC 28 Bowling adventure comes to mind.     
Anyway please think about it and help us pick out the right days and adventures.
Thanks and have a great 4TH
The Tours committee
Diane Kovalcin (with Toni Lay, Kathy Draves and Susan Toker)
(none of the above people, just passing the info)
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