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CC29 programming

Hello to everyone and I hope you are enjoying your summer activities.

I have already heard from a few folks, as well as some new (to me)
costumers and creative folk, who are planning on attending CC29 next
spring, and have ideas about panels they want to see happen (whether to
attend of participate in them). Please be forward thinking, and email
me and make suggestions--although I have LOADS of ideas, I want YOUR
ideas and participation, so that CC 29 will be a con remembered for its

Remember, we are also planning on ongoing workshop/demonstration track,
which will have it's own designated function space, so this is your
chance to demonstrate that technique or procedure that you want to share!

And, keeping with the theme of the con about Broadway, it would be great
to have a few program items about theater costume design and

Don't hesitate to contact me--email is best at, with your
ideas and time availability. I am designing a panelist info sheet so I
can start to capture everyone's availability during the con, and contact
info. Look for it up on the website soon! <>

Yours in costuming, Lisa A

(also posted by not Lisa A either)
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