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CC30 Quilters, get your rotary cutters ready!

Hey all! I know we're about a year & a half out from CC30 here in balmy Phoenix, AZ, but it's never too early to start planning your entry for the CostumeCon Quilt Show & Contest, 2nd Edition! There will be categories for Large Quilts (80”-160” h+w), Small Quilts (30”-80” h+w), Miniature Quilts (less than 30” h+w), Wearable Art, and Youth (under 13) entries.

Keep your eye on the CC30 website ( for more information on the contest, coming soon! I hope to see a lot of fun stuff from you folks!

Elaine Sims
CC30 Quilt Show

(just passing on the post - I'm not Elaine Sims)
Tags: cc30, quilting

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