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Calling all Costumers!

Calling all costume enthusiasts! April 2nd through the 4th, The Great Burlesque Exposition and Vintage Fashion Fair will be taking place at The Hyatt Regency Hotel (575 Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA) and you should join in the fun at our Historic Costume Exhibit, Classes, and Dealer's Room!

This year’s costume exhibit features costumes from the famous burlesque dancer and actress Ann Corio. Born in Connecticut, she is an American burlesque icon. She was a star performer at clubs such as the famous Minsky's Burlesque and Boston's old Howard Theatre.

Between 1941 and 1944 she appeared in several Hollywood "B" motion pictures which featured her in scanty costumes, 1941 "Swamp woman" the best known of which was perhaps 1942's Jungle Siren opposite Buster Crabbe. In 1944 she made "Call of the Jungle" and "Sarong Girl" With the Second World War on, she became one of the volunteer pinup girls for YANK magazine, appearing in the September 3, 1943 issue of the weekly U.S. Army publication.

Corio had a long successful career dancing on stage. In 1965, she put together the Broadway show This Was Burlesque which she directed and in which also performed. In 1968, she wrote a book using that same title.

On display throughout The Vintage Fashion Fair, the Costume Exhibit is included with your admission. Please make sure to take the time to admire this unique collection.
It’s not enough to just look at costumes! We’ve got classes on making, improving, saving, and even buying costumes.
Caring for your Costumes: Burlesque performers are known for their lavish costumes. After spending so much time and money on your costumes, give them the care they deserve. Learn tips and tricks that museum professionals use for cleaning and storing your costumes. If you collect vintage garments, there’s plenty of useful information for you too!
Handsewing 101: A fast and easy Shimmy belt project that demonstrates several techniques and issues involved with hand stitching. Students will leave with a custom Shimmy Belt of their own making, and a better understanding of stitch work and process
Pastie Making and Tassel Twirling: Learn how to make Pasties, those wonderfully sparkly beauties that no burlesque performer can be without. In this class you will learn how to make and decorate them yourself as well as how to make those tassels twirl! The best part comes when you get to leave with your own pair!

The Expo is a great place to show off your favorite creations and learn how to make more. There will also be plenty of vendors to browse through for ready-made costumes and the perfect accessories. Plus, you get the bonus karma of having made Cambridge a better-dressed place, if only for a weekend.

April 2nd-4th 2010
Hyatt Regency Cambridge
575 Memorial Dr.
Cambridge, MA
For tickets and more information, please see our website

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