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Costume-Con 28: Ides of March

Hello, Future Spies!

By now, everyone has received their W-2's and, hopefully, have received a refund. Before you spend it all on more fabric, you can buy a membership to Costume-Con 28 for $70 until March 15th! Just mention that you work for Setec Astronomy.

You can find the membership form at and pay via PayPal to CC2010Milw (at) CS (dot) com.

Feel free to spread the word and visit the website for Vogue Fabrics in Chicago, who are also on Facebook.

Henry W. Osier
Chairman, Costume-Con 28
May 7 to May 10, 2010 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Look for our fan page on Facebook!
And on Twitter: CostumeCon28
Got questions?
Join the CostumeCon Yahoo group!

(posted on Henry's behalf)
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