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Who are these people?
hazelchaz wrote in costume_con
Can you tell me who any of these people are, please?
EDIT: Added caption info received.

25n-shawn-135152.IMG_0963.023884t.jpg The first one is Kij Greenwood
25q-tom-162153.DSCN6557.000098t.jpg 25j-jack-092034.IMGP0002.000160t.jpg
25j-jack-093519.IMGP0005.000163t.jpg 163: Tom "Dr" Noe
25j-jack-094248.IMGP0010.000168t.jpg 168 - Anne Davenport
25j-jack-095938.IMGP0012.000170t.jpg Kelly Nary.
25k-jack-100011.IMGP0015.000173t.jpg 173 is Kate McClure
25l-jack-113331.IMGP0018.000176t.jpg #176 is Loren Dearborn

They haven't been added to the website yet. All were taken before noon on Friday.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with last night's batch!

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That's Anne Davenport ("Anne" with an "e")

He was working registration desk, I think at least on Friday, right? I can never seem to remember his name, but I DO know him from several cons...

The first one is Kij Greenwood

Is it? She was wearing something else by the end of the day.

Do you know how she describes this outfit?

Yup, it's Kij. She's a costumer--she changes clothes :^)
That outfit was for the Steampunk meet-up, I believe. Some kind of airship captain something-or-other.

Oh, they're changing clothes now, are they? Okay, if you can tell me a little about each costume you see, that will help greatly.

I've updated her caption to include her name and her costume.

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aw pfui, you beat me to it.

Thank you both for the info. (Wolfcat, your post is important, to confirm Corwyn's!)

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Oops! That was an HTML coding error. I've fixed it.

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