February 23rd, 2012


Support A Burlesque Costume Exhibit

There is one week left to fund this project!

For the past five years, The Great Burlesque Exposition has hosted one of the largest and most informative displays of burlesque costuming in the United States.  The difficult part has always been seeing the exhibit; since it was only set up as part of the annual 3-day event, like a shooting star it was there and then gone.  Many burlesque fans and scholars wanted more time with the costumes – and a larger exhibit.

We're pleased to partner with The West End Museum of Boston.  The museum is delighted to host an expanded version of our costume exhibit for a month, beginning a few days after The Great Burlesque Exposition.  From April 10, 2012 through May 12, 2012 the costumes will be on display in an appropriate location: a museum dedicated to the Boston neighborhood which encompassed Scollay Square, Boston's original burlesque district.

One of the benefactors of The West End Museum has pledged to match our fund drive, dollar for dollar, if we can raise over $500.00 – that's where you come in.  We need these funds to transport and insure these unique and historical costumes; license images of vintage burlesque costumes and performers; and purchase the display accessories which will allow us to showcase these beautiful pieces in the manner in which they deserve to be shown.

Admission to this exhibit will be free while it is housed The West End Museum.  A portion of the funds go towards providing free access to these wonderful pieces of Americana.