June 11th, 2010


CC29 - NJ

Hello everyone,
Lots of things are happening since we are less then one year away.  Many reports have circulated about cc28 and i am grateful for that information.
So here is the cast list for cc29:
Dora Buck Chair ( or as the T-shirt states "The Buck stops here") 
Sandy Swank - Vice Chair - (Passing the buck)
Carl Mami - Treasurer - (Daddy Warbucks)
SF&F Masq - Pierre & Sandy Pettinger
Historical Masq - Bryon Connell
FFF - Karen Dick
Single Pattern - Catherine Leeson
FF & Single Pattern show - Jill Eastlake
Hall Costumes - Henry Osier
Doll Competition - Ann Catelli
Hat Competition - Rae Bradbury-Enslin
Video masq - Kevin & Andy
Green Room - Marcy Huston
Dealers Room - Devra Langsam (Poison Pen Press)
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